Power Solutions: Keep Your Business Moving

Brauer Power Solutions

Brauer Material Handling offers a full line of batteries, chargers and battery handling systems for lift trucks and pallet jacks used in the most demanding industrial and warehousing environments. For every application, we will specify the appropriate power supply for the job.

Batteries deliver consistent reliable power to increase the running time of your lift trucks. Our dependable line of industrial chargers comes with a full range of rating and control designs to help extend the life of your batteries. Brauer Material Handling provides industry leading battery and charger products – all backed by comprehensive manufacturer's warranties. We also offer a complete array of battery handling equipment.

As a key partner in the Raymond network, Brauer Material Handling is at the forefront of fuel cell battery technology development. We give our customers the information and analysis they need to more fully understand the range of opportunities fuel cells offer their businesses and our industry, as well as the ability to see the technology in use first-hand. Of course all our power solutions are backed by Brauer Material Handling's superior product support.

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